Kingston Pride Inc.

Solidarity of communty spirit!

Life of the Party
Shawn Mendes (Handwritten (Revisited))

Welcome to Kingston Pride Inc.
Explore and Discover Kingston PRIDE!

Kingston Pride Inc. is a registered Ontario incorporation  NOT FOR PROFIT # 1931714.

We serve our PROUD community! We strive to bring acceptance and understanding to the ever growing diversified population within our Region.

We are always open to new ideas, and new ways to make your experience more enjoyable.

Want to help make a difference?  Join our amazing team and be apart of Kingston Pride Inc.

Drop us a line or come and join in one of our meetings.  Times and Dates posted in Events listing section!

Write us @ Kingston Pride Inc.  C/O H.A.R.S.  Kingston  844A Princess Street, Kingston Ontario. Canada K7L 1G5

~ special thank you to HARS for lending us their office space to host our public meetings in a safe environment.